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Gray Ribbed Alpaca Gloves

Gray Ribbed Alpaca Gloves

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Are you looking for something stylish and functional to keep your hands warm during cold winter days? Our Gray Ribbed Alpaca Gloves are the perfect combination of both worlds! These fantastic, unisex fingerless gloves allow you to look great while keeping your hands toasty. Crafted with love in Peru, they have an open top for fingers and a side slit for thumbs – giving you the freedom to use them when needed without compromising style.

The secret to their warmth is the special material blend of 43% Baby Alpaca, 43% Wool + 14% Polyamide. You may already know that alpaca fiber is one of the softest and most natural fibers worldwide – not only that, it also has a lesser tendency to pilling than other materials! Wear these amazing gloves while doing outdoor activities like gardening or making snow angels in your backyard; they're sure to keep your hands safe from the cold wherever you go.

And let's not forget about their matching ear warmer headband that can be paired with them – talk about cozy style! Stylish, functional, sustainable...our Gray Ribbed Alpaca Gloves capture everything we love about winter fashion. Plus, as with all handcrafted goods, each one has slight variations making each piece a work of art and truly one of a kind. What are you waiting for? Get yours today and keep your hands warm this season!


  • Material: 43% Baby Alpaca, 43% Wool + 14% Polyamide
  • Measurements: L 6" + 2" Thumb slit
  • Unisex
  • Handmade with love in Peru
  • Care: Hand wash cold with mild detergent. Reshape while wet and lay flat to dry.
  • As with all handcrafted goods, there are slight variations making each piece a work of art and truly one of a kind.

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Artisan Profile

Allpa has 80 small to midsize workshops located throughout Peru. Through their textile production, they strive to create awareness and preserve Peruvian culture. Allpa develops annual collections according to market trends and supports the growth of artisans with technical assistance, training and loans. This transforms weavers into entrepreneurs and gives them access to the global marketplace.

In the earliest Peruvian history, you will find examples of the bond between the Incas and alpaca. During the Inca empire, alpaca was only used by royalty because it was valued as the finest material. Alpaca is supple and smooth to the touch. It’s softer than cashmere and warmer and stronger than lamb’s wool. It contains microscopic air pockets which create lightweight clothing with excellent insulating properties. It is a completely natural fiber and there is no use of harsh chemicals in production.

The alpaca live mostly without any boundaries in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes and are not harmed during the shearing process. Their soft padded feet are gentle on the grass terrain and they graze without destroying the root system of the area. Alpaca is the only animal that produces up to 28 natural colors and can be blended into an infinite array of natural shades from inky black to warm chestnuts and snowy white. It is easily dyed in any color and always retains its natural luster.

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