Collection: Table Lamps

Make a statement in any room with one of our remarkable 3D Color Hologram Lamps. Create an atmosphere that is modern, futuristic, and utterly captivating—all with the illuminating multicolored projections of these ingenious lighting devices. Our Infinity Accent Table Lamp makes a great centerpiece for any room, while its Infinity Mirror Color Light feature adds an extra touch of enchantment. Rightfully named for its twelve-sided shape, the Dodecahedron Magic Lamp astonishes all who encounter it—sporting dazzling color-changing effects and stunning interactive light shows at your command. For music lovers, our Music Rhythm Lights provide an exciting listening experience as you rock to the beat with beautiful shapes and color that pulse to the rhythm of your favorite songs. Finally, our Wireless Charging Lamps and Bluetooth speakers combine convenience and sound quality into one device that rivals no other - bringing you a lamp designed to elevate both your home and lifestyle! With these marvelous devices from Table Lamps, you'll have an experience unlike any other.