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Alpaca Sweater Coat / AMETHYST

Alpaca Sweater Coat / AMETHYST

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Experience an ultimate level of comfort and warm sophistication with our Alpaca Sweater Coat. Crafted in Peru, this unique piece is crafted of 100% alpaca wool, which is renowned for its lightweight and luxuriously-warm texture. With its natural body weight and relaxed open fit, you’ll feel like you’re wearing your very own cozy blanket while still looking polished enough for out-of-the-house activities. Infused with a pop of vivid Amethyst and Royal color, this beige sweater coat will enhance any outfit without taking away from its refined intention…all while keeping you nice and toasty during brisk weather!

Our aim is to bring warmth and comfort to your wardrobe without compromising the environment or animals. We care deeply about both concerns - that’s why we use eco-friendly methods to produce our soft Alpaca Sweater Coat while ensuring that all our materials are ethically sourced and fairly treated in order to provide the optimal product for everyone who purchases it. So whether you’re exploring a new outdoor space or just staying cozy inside on a lazy Sunday afternoon at home; don’t forget to wrap yourself up in our heavenly Alpaca Sweater Coat for both style longevity and much needed heat throughout colder months!


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