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Christ of Maratea on Acrylic Glass Wall Art

Christ of Maratea on Acrylic Glass Wall Art

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Introduce a divine touch to your living space with our exclusive "Christ of Maratea" on Acrylic Glass Wall Art. This meticulously captured photograph showcases the iconic Christ of Maratea, basking in midday sun, gracefully overlooking a colorful tapestry of native flowers in the foreground. The intricate details and vivid colors are accentuated further, thanks to the premium quality of our acrylic glass, which embeds the image for a surreal visual experience.

Maratea, often referred to as the 'Pearl of the Tyrrhenian,' is a charming coastal town in southern Italy. It's renowned not only for its enchanting bay area but also for the colossal statue of Christ the Redeemer, or "Cristo Redentore", perched atop the San Biagio Mountain. Standing at 70 feet tall, this statue is the third tallest in the world, and it has been silently blessing the inhabitants of Maratea since 1965.

A harmonious blend of spiritual grandeur and nature's splendor, this wall art is perfect for those who cherish both history and art. So, let you revel in the serenity this piece brings, uniting your contemporary style with an essence of Italian elegance.


Made to seem like your photos or art is printed on a glass surface, these acrylic photo prints never fail to dazzle. Your images are second-surface printed directly on a 1/4" acrylic panel for a stunning result. Each acrylic print comes ready to hang and floats 1.5" off the wall.

  • Image appears embedded in glass
  • Stunning image quality
  • Depth of 0.75 inches (1.9cm)
  • Second-surface printing directly on ¼” Acrylic
  • Ready to hang and floats 1.5” off the wall
  • Rounded corners
  • Made in the USA

Delivery Times

Normally, all canvas and acrylic prints ship from our production facility within 2 - 7 business days of your order. Canvas wall art, acrylic glass wall art and framed wall art may take upto 3 weeks for delivery from the day of shipment.

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Christ of Maratea on Acrylic Glass Wall Art - Cosas y Punto

Elevate Your Space with Acrylic Glass Wall Art

Acrylic glass wall art is the epitome of modern elegance, transforming ordinary images into captivating visual experiences. With the image appearing as if it's seamlessly embedded in glass, viewers are treated to unparalleled image quality that radiates vibrancy and clarity. The art's rounded corners add a touch of sophistication, eliminating sharp edges and enhancing its sleek design. Choose acrylic glass wall art to infuse your space with contemporary charm and unmatched visual appeal.

Christ of Maratea on Acrylic Glass Wall Art - Cosas y Punto

Ready to hang and floats 1.5” off the wall

Acrylic glass wall art with ready-to-hang hardware that allows the piece to float 1.5" off the wall offers a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic to any space. This unique floating effect not only enhances the depth and dimension of the artwork but also creates intriguing shadows that add to its visual appeal. The acrylic glass ensures vibrancy and clarity, making images pop with color and detail. Moreover, the ready-to-hang feature simplifies the installation process, eliminating the need for additional framing or mounting. This combination of style and convenience makes it a top choice for modern art enthusiasts and interior designers alike.

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