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Vibrant Paws Pop Pet Portrait

Vibrant Paws Pop Pet Portrait

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Introducing the "Vibrant Paws Pop Pet Portrait" – where the essence of your beloved pet comes to life against a backdrop of dazzling pop colors. This custom acrylic glass wall art is not just a piece of decor; it's a vibrant celebration of your furry friend, tailored to capture their spirit in every brushstroke.

Why "Vibrant Paws Pop Pet Portrait" Stands Out:

- Pop of Personality: Choose from our electrifying pop colors - Bright Red, Vivid Yellow, Electric Blue, Hot Pink, and Lime Green - to add a dynamic flair that complements your pet's personality to your living space.

- Font Flair: Personalize your portrait with our selection of fonts, perfect for adding your pet's name. Each font choice is designed to match the energy and style of your pet, whether it's a dignified cat wall art or playful dog wall art.

- Cartoon Creativity: Opt for a cartoon rendition and watch as your pet's photo transforms into a piece of art that's as unique as they are. It's a fun, whimsical take on traditional pet portraits, ideal for capturing the essence of your pet's character.

Premium Product Specifications:

- Material Mastery: Crafted with clear acrylic and backed with white vinyl, our portraits mimic the sophisticated look of glass, ensuring your pet's image shines brightly.

- Elegant Display: Each portrait is ready to hang, floating 1.5” off the wall for a modern look that adds depth and shadow to your space.

- Safety and Style: With rounded corners and second-surface printing on a ¼” acrylic panel, we ensure safety without compromising on the stunning visual effect.

- Assembled with Care: Proudly assembled in the USA, our "Vibrant Paws Acrylic Portrait" promises unmatched quality and durability.

A Tail-Wagging Gift:

The "Vibrant Paws Pop Pet Portrait" is the ultimate gift for pet lovers. Whether it's personalized pet portrait, cat wall art, or dog wall art, this piece is sure to fetch smiles and become a cherished part of any pet owner's collection.

Capture the Colorful Spirit of Your Pet:

Don't settle for ordinary pet wall decor. Elevate your home with a "Vibrant Paws Pop Pet Portrait" and keep the memory of your pet alive in full color. Order now and let your pet's personality shine through every detail.

Delivery Times

Normally, all canvas and acrylic prints ship from our production facility within 2 - 7 business days of your order. Canvas wall art, acrylic glass wall art and framed wall art may take upto 3 weeks for delivery from the day of shipment.

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Tips for pictures to use

We understand that our phones will be filled with thousands of photos of our four-legged friends. While many poses are absolutely sweet and gorgeous, they may not necessarily translate into a great looking photo in their bowl.

Bandido, our Chief Barking Officer, will show you.

Perfect Picture

We strongly suggest selecting a photo where your fur-baby is looking straight at the camera, in a center pose with good lighting.

In this photo, Bandido is not sitting down, but he has his front paws on me, leaning in.

Not Recommended Picture

While this photo is a wonderful memory to keep, it is not the best pose to use.

This photo in particular, Bandido is on his side, and too far away. If you choose a picture like this, your pet will look way too small and you won't see their personality reflected through their gaze and face in the product.

Elevate Your Space with Acrylic Glass Wall Art

Acrylic glass wall art is the epitome of modern elegance, transforming ordinary images into captivating visual experiences. With the image appearing as if it's seamlessly embedded in glass, viewers are treated to unparalleled image quality that radiates vibrancy and clarity. The art's rounded corners add a touch of sophistication, eliminating sharp edges and enhancing its sleek design. Choose acrylic glass wall art to infuse your space with contemporary charm and unmatched visual appeal.

Ready to hang and floats 1.5” off the wall

Acrylic glass wall art with ready-to-hang hardware that allows the piece to float 1.5" off the wall offers a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic to any space. This unique floating effect not only enhances the depth and dimension of the artwork but also creates intriguing shadows that add to its visual appeal. The acrylic glass ensures vibrancy and clarity, making images pop with color and detail. Moreover, the ready-to-hang feature simplifies the installation process, eliminating the need for additional framing or mounting. This combination of style and convenience makes it a top choice for modern art enthusiasts and interior designers alike.

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